GearWale [Terms & Conditions] Covid 19

GearWale [Terms & Conditions] Update 31st May 2020

  • [1.21] First of all our team GearWale wish you care from the pandemic situation. Well said “Health is Wealth” so please go upon proper guidelines to be safe with your family, friends, and country including world.
  • [1.22] Due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown we’ve rearranged a few Terms & Conditions, in order to keep our life safe from the deadly virus.
  • [1.23] We request you to take a look at these updates once before proceeding next with our products’ deal at GearWale. It will totally clarify your all queries related to delay & current charges.
  • [1.24] From 23rd of March 2020 to 31st May 2020, we’ve to take special consideration. The orders between this time were pending due to lockdown. After All, we’ve dispatched all orders from these dates on 29th, 30th, and 31st May 2020 using private courier Delivery & Ecom Express. Yeah! There are few products at round figure 10 has been dispatched using the Indian Post Office also. Well, you’ll have a look on the box about courier service on delivery.
  • [1.25] I would like to make sure there due to the impact of lockdown (specially in red zone) the expected delivery day will be up to 10-15 days or may vary as per transportation area situation. The average product delivery time is 7 business days from the date of dispatch.
  • [1.26] Previously & until the impact of COVID-19 the product which dispatched in this pandemic situation can’t refunded without any reasonable issue. You’re not allowed to request an address change, return, and money refund.
  • [1.26A] In case the product which got returned, from your side due to not receiving products or call, wrong address, red zone area etcetera – You’ll be charged 100INR delivery cost, the remaining amount will be refunded using your given payment method.
  • [1.26B] By chance if customers wish to get the product again with correction of address and after getting resolved from red zone area then you’ve to pay at least 40INR extra in advance. It will be delivery charge fine so we can dispatch you again.
  • [1.26C] Reason – We’ve very low-profit margin to provide you ” The Inexpensive Era” that’s why we can’t afford any loss in if getting product undelivered to customers. [F1] For an example a product is of 200INR, 100INR is its original cost and we paid delivery charge of 58INR minimum which may vary up to [1.26D] 120INR delivery charge depending upon your area. 42INR is our profit cost on the basis of the lowest delivery charge 58INR. So this is why we can’t afford returns including refund at just 42INR, we fell into loss of 42INR-58INR that is -16INR If delivery charge vary up to 120INR then please refer to [1.26D] guideline.
  • [1.26D] If delivery cost vary up to 120INR such as an example of [F1] given into [1.26C], the order will be canceled only before dispatch or you’ll be informed as per case. Once after your agreement and increment cost payment, we’ll dispatch the item. If you’re not agree with payment increment then you’ll be refunded at the same time.
  • [1.27] Note – You’ll get refunded only if you got damaged or wrong product.
  • [1.28] There we’re charging 20INR delivery charge in this COVID-19 time, however, we were not charging delivery cost before. You must thinking why it raised now? It is just because we’ve to pay 58INR to 120INR on the basis of the delivery area under the pandemic impact. Also in this case, if refer to [1.26], [1.26A], and [1.26B] guideline once after we getting back product.
  • [1.29] We really apologize for having such experience but still we’re trying our best to revert it as per country situation.
  • [1.30] For any query regarding these updates you can contact us via our Contact Support.
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