Google Pixel 7 Matte Tempered Glass For Gamers


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Google Pixel 7 Matte Tempered Glass For Gamers

First Choice of Indian Gamers GearWale Matte Tempered Glass For Google Pixel 7. Matte Glass is specially designed for Gamers. Anti Glare 3D Tempered Glass Matte Finish for Google Pixel 7 Matte Tempered For Gamers.

What is Matte Tempered Glass for Google Pixel 7

Matte tempered glass is made for gamers since it has an anti-fingerprint screen and a smooth touch, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience. The Matte Screen Protector is made with a revolutionary technology that provides it a matte appearance with HD clarity, which eliminates the major issue with a Matte screen protector and offers your phone a great look. The Matte Glass is shatter-resistant. Unlike regular glass, these glasses are unbreakable, and the matte finish can’t be easily broken, resulting in a safer and longer-lasting glass screen for your phone. The original HD viewing experience is provided by HD Clarity with Transparency and Oleophobic anti-smudge coating on your device. In addition, it has a high-sensitive touch, Clear HD, and is simple to install. The Gearwale Matte Tempered Glasses Screen Protector is of exceptional quality.

Our Quality

GearWale offers high-quality screen protectors that are both unbreakable and flexible. It is thinner and stronger than local tempered glass, and it comes with a glass protector. Matte Tempered provides you a matte appearance that appears a little blurry, but don’t worry because this isn’t a major deal because the matte effect protects your eyes. It prevents unwanted light from entering your eyes.. Matte Tempered Glass For Google Pixel 7 by Gearwale.

Why Choose Gearwale products?

We at Gearwale aim to provide the finest quality mobile accessories at the lowest possible price while maintaining the highest level of quality. Unlike all the other online selling websites, we feel that the consumer is a member of the family, and that we should never deceive family members. We provide the most up-to-date mobile products. Our customer-centric strategy has elevated us to the top of the mobile accessory industry. We’ve developed an express system that aims to ship most orders the same day. Alternatively, Top Courier Providers such as Delhivery, Ecom, Ekart, India Post, DTDC, BLUEDART, Xpress Bees, FEDEX, and Amazon Transport Service can ship within 24-48 hours. You and your mobile devices are safe in the hands of GEARWALE.

What is Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is more resistant to shattering than your smartphone display. When tempered glass does break, it shatters into dull, pebble-like fragments rather than the sharp shards that regular screen protectors produce. Our Matte Tempered Glass 9H Curved Full Screen provides you with the same level of protection as regular Tempered Glass.

You won’t have to worry about your display meeting if you use our 2.5D safest matte glass. In your pocket, you’ll find your keys or coins. It will prevent scratches on your display. Sharp, pointy items can scratch our tempered glass, but it can also be scratched. It can also absorb shock and protect the display if your phone is dropped. With more severe falls Our Google Pixel 7 Tempered Glass For Gamers.


1. Which type of tempered glass is best for gaming?

Gearwale gaming Tempered or Matte Tempered Glass are best for gaming.

2. Does tempered glass affect gaming?

Yes normal Tempered Glass can harm the device but Gearwale Gaming Tempered provide anti finger print which makes more smooth gaming.

3. Which is best gaming glass for mobile?

Gearwale Matte Tempered Glass are specially made for Indian Gamers.

4. Is Matt tempered glass good for gaming?

Yes but the only Gearwale matte tempered is best for gaming.

5. Can I put a matte screen protector over tempered glass?

Yes you can but it will slow down the touch sensitivity.

6. What is anti fingerprint tempered?

Gearwale Matte Tempered provide real anti-fingerprint coating that prevents grease from sticking while gaming.

7. Which is best matte or tempered glass?

If you are a gamer go with Gearwale Matte Tempered but if not go with Gearwale oleofobic Tempered.

8. Which is better matte or glossy tempered glass?

For gaming Gearwale matte tempered glass is better for normal usage Gearwale glossy tempered is best.

9. Which is better tempered glass or ceramic?

Of-course Tempered glass because it’s made of glass and ceramics is made of plastic.

10. Can you use 2 screen protectors?

Yes but it reduces touch sensitivity.

11. What is Matt tempered glass?

It’s Matte Tempered Glass and Gearwale provide the best one. prevent self-reflection and glare.

12. What is best screen protector for PUBG playing?

No doubt Gearwale Matte Tempered is best.

13. Best gaming glass for mobile?

Gearwale Gaming Tempered is the best for gamer.

14. Is Tempered glass better than matte?

For gamer matte tempered is best available on

15. Is Tempered Glass the same as matte?

No Matte has anti fingerprint which help improve gaming and Tempered glass have glossy finish.

16. Is matte glass better than glossy?

It depends upon user if you are gamer choose Gearwale matte tempered glass . If you are not a gamer choose Gearwale Full screen Tempered Glass.

17. What is the advantage of matte screen protector?

It’s unbreakable because Gearwale Ceramic matte is made of plastic and can’t break. Also it has matte finish with anti fingerprint formula which provides smooth gaming.

18. Is a matte screen protector worth it?

For Gamers its a treasure to use Gearwale matte tempered glass.

19. Matte screen protector better for eyes?

Yes Gearwale Matte Tempered reduces the display light so long time camera can use for eye protection.

20. Are matte screen protectors blurry?

Yes All matte are blurry but Gearwale Gaming Tempered is less blurry.

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  • 1 Tempered Glass Black Color Border Full Screen
  • 1 Applying kit free of cost
  • 1 Gift for Random Customer 
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Google Pixel 7 Matte Tempered Glass For Gamers
Google Pixel 7 Matte Tempered Glass For Gamers
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