Infinix Hot 11S Full Screen 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass


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Infinix Hot 11S Full Screen 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass

Infinix Hot 11S Full Screen 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass. Get the best for your phone choose at affordable Price.

Product Highlights

  • Air-bubble Proof, Scratch Resistant, Washable, UV Protection, Anti Reflection, Anti Glare, Anti Fingerprint Best Edge To Edge Tempered Glass For Infinix Hot 11S.
  • Due to full screen and borders it cover little part of screen but its negligible.
  • FULL GLUE and bubble free glass – It has full glue on the entire screen which leaves no air dots, no rainbow effect, and no bubbles after applying of the tempered glass. The tempered glass has ultimate UV silicon adhesive on the full screen.
  • PERFECT FIT GLASS – It is a 9D Black Colour Tempered Glass that covers the full screen of your mobile and provides edge-to-edge protection which even covers the curved sides of your mobile screen.
  • 99% PROTECTION-It protects your phone from high impact drops, keys in your pockets, essence objects in your bags and other day-to- day scrapes as it’s a goon glass.

Infinix Hot 11S Tempered Glass Screen protector

Protect your Smartphone glass with our tempered glass screen protector. It will protect your phone from these unexpected falls and annoying scratches. The tempered glass is more reliable than all other screen protection so you must choose the tempered glass made by

Specifications of Infinix Hot 11STempered Glass

  • Compatibility: Infinix Hot 11S.
  • Type: Tempered glass.
  • Features: colored frames, Full coverage, Curved edges.
  • Level of scratch resistance: High.
  • Level of shock resistance: High.

Our Quality

High-quality Unbreakable and flexible screen protector. It is stronger and thinner than normal tempered. Fully transparent with zero impact on the visual display. Latest technology in phone screen protectors. Infinix Hot 11S Tempered Glass Curved Full Screen Camera Cut. Infinix Hot 11S Tempered Glass by Gearwale.

Why Choose Gearwale products?

We at Gearwale believe to serve the best quality of product at the Cheapest rate promise than other online store we believe the customer is the family and we offer the wide range of products. The trust of our costumer approach has made us the top brand in India. We have created advanced system that ship orders almost in the same day or within 24-48 hrs through Rs 20 shipping only with reputed shipping partners. With GEARWALE, you and your devices are in safe hands. Now do not think much, place your order, and thank us later. OnePlus Nord CE 2 Full Screen 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass Full Screen Tempered Glass.

Tempered glass is stronger, so it resists breakage. But when it breaks, tempered glass break pebble-like pieces, rather than the sharp shards of normal glass. Tempered Glass SuperD Curved for Infinix Hot 11S.

Matte Tempered Glass info

Most of them are 2.5D hardened and you don’t need to worry about your display splash your keys or coins in your pocket. It can repel scratches from pointed sharp objects and can sock up shock when you occasionally drop your phone, thus protecting your display. With severe falls, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces but your display will remain intact. Infinix Hot 11S Tempered Glass 9H Curved Full Screen.

Tempered glass is quite safer as it fractures when pressure is applied to it. Before purchasing any one, make sure that it comes with an Olephobic coating, 2.5D 9-10 H hardness, so that it doesn’t affect touch sensitivity. that we have Infinix Hot 11S. 9H Tempered Glass Curved Full-Screen Edge to Edge protected.


1.Best Tempered Glass Brands in India? is the first choice of Indian audience.

2. Which tempered glass is best?

If you are a Norma user you can choose Gearwale full screen tempered glass if you are a gamer then go with Gearwale gaming tempered glass

3. Is 9H tempered glass good?

The hardness rating of 9H provide great scratch-resistance of the tempered glass. that we provide you at GearWale.

4. Which screen protector is best in India?

There is only Gearwale brand offering the best quality, scratch-resistant, spill, and crack proof screen protectors.

5. What’s the strongest screen protector?

We at Gearwale sell the toughest glass for your mobile protection.

6. Which type of tempered glass is best?

That’s depend on user .

If you are a gamer use Gearwale Gaming Tempered. If you are a Normal user use Gearwale Full screen Tempered.

7. How do I choose a good screen protector?

No issues we are here DM us on Whatsapp (+91 9934941550) we will suggest best one on your usage.

8. What should do if my tempered break always?

If your Tempered break always use Gearwale Ceramic Matte.

9. Best Tempered Glass for Phones in India?

No doubt the Gearwale Tempered is best Available in market.

10.Tempered Glass Vs. Plastic Screen Protectors: Which One Is Better?

No doubt The Gearwale Tempered is best but if your phone always slip from your hand then use Gearwale Ceramic Matte because it’s made of plastic and it cannot break.

11. Is 11D tempered glass good?

No it’s not good it’s the cheapest one available in market in terms of price and quality. Only the Gearwale Tempered can provide you ultimate protection.

12. Is 9H hardness good?

Yes, 9H hardness level provides unique scratch resistance. Protects against low_level drops which is available in

13. What is meant by 11D tempered glass?

The tempered in Market with the name of 11D is not worth for your phone it protects your phone only approx 20-30% but the Gearwale Tempered provide you protection up-to 90%.

14. What is the difference between 6D and 11D tempered glass?

4D, 5D, 6D, 9D, 11D, etc., these are just name and quality of product is no difference, mainly due to the market of each product distinction and self-derived name code, cannot say the product characteristics along with the name but on Gearwale we provide the best one for our customers.

15. What are the best tempered glass brand or manufacturers in India?

According to the customer satisfaction rate we can say we are the best in market our 98% customer are happy with there products.

16. Best Tempered Glass brand in India 2022?

Gearwale Tempered is the best in terms of price and quality you can see the customer reviews on your Instagram handle.

17. Which type of screen protector is best?

In Gearwale you can choose the tempered as your needs.

  • Full screen tempered glass if you are a normal user .
  • Camera cut tempered if you are a camera lover which provides you additional hole in the place of camera.
  • Matte tempered glass if you are a camera or you need to protect the eyes.
  • Ceramic matte if your phone always fall and Tempered broke so use ceramic matte by
18. How long does a screen protector last?

That depends upon you if you use it safely you can use it whole year and if your phone fall always it can be break in a day.

19. Can heat crack phone screen?

No overheating never break the Temped Glass.

20. Which is better Gorilla glass or tempered glass?

It’s a myth there is no tempered glass available in market made by Gorilla glass because gorilla glass is pre-installed on display you can’t apply it at home.

21. Is a glass screen protector worth it?

Yes you should always use screen protector on your device because it’s less than 500 and if your phone fall it will protect your device , if you don’t use any protection you may loose the display and the replacement cost is minimum 2000-5000 depends on brand.

22. Does a screen protector prevent cracks?

Tempered Glass can be break but ceramic matte can’t break because it’s unbreakable at Gearwale we provide both.

23. Does Gorilla Glass need a screen protector?

People think that they have Gorilla Glass on display so they don’t need protection but it’s not true because bullet proof glass is also not unbreakable so how you think that your phone is safe.

24. Is Tempered glass better than plastic?

The lasting is less of a Tempered Glass but the protection is ultimate than plastic.

25. Why you should not use screen protector?

Screen protector have less protection than Tempered Glass.

26. Can a screen protector damage your screen?

Cheaper screen protector can damage your screen but Gearwale Tempered never do that.

27. Can tempered glass break easily?

No Gearwale Tempered glass can’t break easy it’s the strongest one available in Indian market.

28. Can my phone crack under a glass screen protector?

Yes if you use cheap screen protector it can be happen. But if you are using Gearwale Tempered Glass the chances is very low.

29. Is it bad to put a screen protector on a cracked phone?

Yes because it’s reduce touch sensitivity.

30. Is it OK to use a phone with a cracked screen?

No because it can cut your fingers some time.

31. Which is better gorilla glass or tempered glass?

You can’t buy gorilla glass so go with Gearwale tempered glass.

32. How do I protect my screen without a screen protector?

It’s not possible always use tempered glass.

33. What is difference between screen guard and tempered glass?

Screen guard is made of plastic and tempered glass is made of glass.

34. What is impossible Screen Guard?

Gearwale Ceramic Matte is the best impossible screen guard which never breaks because it’s made of plastic.

35. Can you break tempered glass with a hammer?

Yes you can because Mobile Tempered never handle the pressure of hammer.

36. How do you tell if glass is tempered by looking at it?

If you look at tempered glass in the sun via polarized eyeglasses, you’ll notice dark, shady areas or lines stretching across its surface–a sure sign that it’s toughened. at the time of tempering process, the machine rollers generated these lines.

37. Are privacy screen protectors worth it?

Yes ts good but only available for iPhone in India you can check on

38. Do tempered glass screen protectors ruin your screen?

Original Gearwale Tempered glass never do that but cheap quality market tempered can do so be careful.

39. Is Gorilla Glass easy to break?

No but it’s not unbreakable so be careful use Gearwale Tempered Glass.

40. Does tempered glass scratch?

No Gearwale Tempered Glass can’t easily get scratches.

41. Why did my phone screen crack but not the screen protector?

Because of cheap Quality always go with Gearwale Tempered Glass.

42. Why do screen protectors crack so easily?

Cheap quality Tempered Glass can crack easily but Gearwale Tempered Glass can’t.

43. Which phone has toughest screen?

No one, because all need extra protection so must use Gearwale Tempered Glass.

44. What does D mean in tempered glass?

The letter D stands for dimension, so the 2.5D glass screen has a slight curvature towards the edges.

45. Can you put two screen protectors on a phone?

Yes but it looks odd and you can feel less sensitivity.

46. Do cheap screen protectors works?

No they can harm your device always use Original Tempered Glass sell by Gearwale.

47. What is the toughest screen protector?

Gearwale provide the toughest glass for Infinix Hot 11S Full Screen 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass.

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  • 1 Tempered Glass Black Color Border Full Screen
  • 1 Applying kit free of cost
  • 1 Gift for Random Customer
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