Samsung M02s Full Screen Tempered Glass 2.5D Curved


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Samsung M02s Full Screen Tempered Glass 2.5D Curved

Best tempered glass for Samsung M02s. Samsung M02s Full Screen Tempered Glass 2.5D Curved with Olefobic Coating. Original Samsung M02s Tempered Glass.

Gearwale Samsung M02s Tempered Glass Highlights:-

  • Hardness: Super hardness level of GearWale Tempered provides protection from accidental drop & scratches.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Additional features: Bubble proof, Scratch resistant, Anti-glare, Anti-shatter, Touch-sensitive, Easy to Clean.
  • Scratch Proof in most cases.
  • 9H high hardness material. Scratch protection from objects such as coins, keys, and even sharp knives.
  • 3D Curved Edges on curved display phones.
  • Hydrophobic oleophobic coating provides the best safety.
  • The 9H hardness level provides excellent scratch resistance. Protects against normal drops.
  • 100% clear transparency for high definition display.
  • GearWale is India’s 1st yours truly ‘brand’ with a focus on cutting-edge technology.
  • The GearWale® is the tempered glass protector Display on the market. It is premium, ion-strengthened glass with a hardness stronger (9H). Third-party testing verified that GearWale Pure is two times more impact resistant than the leading competitor.
  • The Greater hardness rating/better durability/greater scratch and impact resistance is the key feature of GearWale Tempered Glass.
  • Smoother than plastic protectors/feels more like the Real Display.

What does tempered glass mean?

Tempered glass is neer about four times stronger than ordinary Tempered Glass. And unlike annealed glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small pieces that are not dangerous for humans.

Is Tempered glass breakable?

The Toughened or tempered glass is four times stronger than a regular plate of Tempered glass, can withstand surface compression of more than 10,000psi, and is highly resistant to thermal breakage. And when a toughened glass breaks it shattering in its entirety into small broken glass and yes tempered glass is breakable but really hard to break.

Best Tempered Glass Brand GearWale

The Smartphone tempered glass must be eye protected and screen break protection to protect your eyes from dry eyes syndrome which is a very serious concern and the demand we saw due to excess screen time. GearWale Tempered glass is developed by heating the glass at an extreme temperature, cooling it down until it has gained its maximum strength. This glass holds multiple layers of coating including a silicone coating, Oleophobic Nano-coating, and anti-shatter film. Because of these qualities, it is five times stronger than the regular glass and it is not malleable. If you bend a tempered glass it can be broken its a proof that GearWale Glasses are real Tempered Glass.

Demerits of a Normal Tempered Glass?

Normal Tempered glass protects your phone but not as much as GearWale Tempered Glass Provides. Smartphones being expensive day by day we all look forward to buying the best tempered glass for Android phones as well as for the Samsung M01 Full Screen Tempered Glass 2.5D Curved. If your phone falls first the tempered glass that breaks but in some cases normal tempered glass will not protect and both the display and tempered glass break. Normal tempered glass can easily break. If you try to bend a Normal tempered glass its will sure crack but GearWale Tempered Glass can not easily break. In Normal Tempered Glass No guarantee of screen protection. In Normal, Tempered Glass Bubbles will form But the Gearwale Tempered glass doesn’t get bubbled while applying if you apply perfectly.

Poor quality Normal tempered glass has inferior glue attached to them. So over a few days, they get frayed and the glue stops sticking but in GearWale Tempered Glass has a full glue lifetime.

Our Quality

GearWale Provides High quality Unbreakable and flexible screen protector. It is thinner and stronger than normal tempered glass. Fully transparent with confirmed no impact on the visual display, It does not break easily. The latest technology is used in phone screen protectors. Samsung M01 Tempered Glass 9H Curved Full Screen. Samsung M02s Tempered Glass. Impossible glass screen protection. This is not normal tempered glass. Rather this is an improved glass sheet that is unbreakable. Scratch Proof and gives 100% protection to your screen. Samsung M02s Full Screen Tempered Glass 2.5D Curved

Why Choose Gearwale products?

Tempered glass is stronger, so it resists breakage. But when it does break, tempered glass disperses into blunt, pebble-like pieces more than the sharp shards of traditional glass. Samsung M02s Tempered Glass 9H Curved Full Screen. Choosing tempered glass to prevent serious injury that can occur when glass breaks and keeps your phone protected.

The biggest reason to choose tempered glass is that it’s more durable. Most of these are 2.5D hardened and you won’t have to worry about your display meeting your keys or coins in your pocket. Tempered glass can also resist scratches from pointed sharp objects and can even absorb shock when you occasionally drop your phone, thus protecting your display. With more severe falls, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces but your display will remain intact. Samsung M02s Tempered Glass 9H Curved Full Screen.

Besides these advantages, Tempered glass is quite safe as it fractures when pressure is applied to it. You don’t have to worry about it breaking into shards. Before buying one, make sure that it comes with Olephobic coating, 2.5D 9-10 H hardness, and silicon adhesive at the back so that it doesn’t affect touch sensitivity. Once you use a good quality tempered glass, it will be hard to get back to conventional plastic screen protectors.

  • 1 Samsung M02s Tempered Glass Black Color Full Screen 
  • 1 Dry and 1 wet cleaner pouch
  • Discount coupon
  • 1 Sanitizer
  • 1 Micro Fiber Cloth

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